Oregon Portraits is a local startup in Keizer, OR.

Hi! My name is Rick Vasquez and I’m the owner of this dream.

I have more than twenty years’ experience working in public relations and journalism and along the way, I picked up some skills that have earned me the title of a multimedia developer.

I shoot and edit photos, video and develop websites and print publications.

My experience in photography and videography mostly comes from working for several publications around the country. The latest was Stars and Stripes in Washington DC. As a web editor, my responsibilities included covering news events as a videographer but mostly as a photographer.

I want Oregon Portraits, to specialize in family and personal portraits, family and corporate events, sporting events but nothing is off the table.

I love shooting and capture with some of the latest equipment. But to keep purchasing tools that make my job easier, and your images nicer, I need to increase my income. This is where Oregon Portraits comes in; it gives my photography a purpose.

Help me help you capture some of the best images you will ever see about your family, your business, you.

An early bird

Early breakfast is an important meal at our home where the early riser gets worms in the form of pancakes and other breakfast goodies.

La Jefa

My beautiful wife! La Jefa!